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Keratin treatments are like a luxurious spa day for your hair. They involve the application of a specially formulated keratin solution to the hair, which is then sealed in with heat. This process repairs and smooths the hair’s cuticles, reducing frizz, adding shine, and providing a silky, manageable texture. Keratin treatments are especially beneficial for those with unruly or damaged hair, offering a temporary transformation that leaves your locks looking healthier and more radiant. We offer both Brazillian Blowout and Keratin Complex.

Services range from smoothing those pesky areas around the fringe and perimeter, to ½ head to full head and numerous choices on the longevity.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy: Have you ever wished that your hair was softer, shinier, and more manageable? Keratin smoothing treatments are the answer to your problems! This hair straightening salon service infuses natural keratin into your hair’s cuticle. Reducing frizz by ninety percent, this treatment adds amazing shine, silkiness, and condition to your hair. Depending on the texture and shape of your hair, this treatment could last upwards of three to five months.
Keratin therapy is different in that it helps keep your hair healthy during treatments. The buildup of keratin makes your hair healthier in the long run.
Some of the major benefits include: Smoother silkier hair; Straighter shinier hair; Quickened morning routine, including faster blow-drying; Almost maintenance-free; virtually no hair straightening touch-ups in between visits.

If the keratin complex smoothing therapy is something you’re considering, making an appointment with our incredibly talented stylists will get you well on your way. Keratin smoothing therapy is a method of hair straightening that benefits the health and look of your hair, even when it begins to fade out. Keratin hair straightening promotes healing, blocks the effects of humidity, and prevents toxins from entering your hair.
If your hair is extremely thick or longer than shoulder length, some prices may be higher considering the extra time and extra product that may be necessary.

Keratin Blow Out Treatment

A Keratin blow out treatment is a hair smoothing treatment used to straighten hair without causing any damage to the hair follicles. This treatment bonds protein to the outer layer of the hair, which help smooth, protect, soften, and relax the hair

 Intense Keratin RX Treatment

Keratin Complex Intense Rx helps restore elasticity, reduce breakage and rebuild the hair’s tensile strength in just one treatment. Rebuilding strength and reducing split ends in compromised hair. Reverses the effects of damage from heat styling, coloring and chemical treatments.