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The purpose of this blog is to introduce myself, The Primary Project and hopefully, acquire your help with the launch of this new initiative in the St Louis community. My name is Nicole Gillick. I believe in the power of God, the power of prayer and the power of a good laugh! I am a wife, a mother, hairstylist, educator and a business owner with a huge passion for people, often accused of being a crazy dreamer. I have always been an easily inspired mover, shaker and so-called difference maker. By simply signing up to collect items for the needy, feed a suffering family or deliver collected items at Christmas I was able to fulfill my hearts desire to serve without requiring too much out of myself…because, after all,“I’m way too busy” to go all in. This past December, I volunteered my husband (lucky guy) and myself to help deliver food items to various areas in need, our second delivery spot was to an elementary school in North St Louis City. Little did I know, as we drove through the dilapidated neighborhood, this small gesture to serve would transform into a much bigger “something” lingering in my heart for the hours, days, months to follow. The evening of the deliveries my emotions were many…awww, over the pride the students and staff took in their school…sadness, about the snacks we delivered being the only food some children would receive each day…shock and disbelief that this was happening 30 minutes away from my luxurious life…gratitude, for the many blessings my family and children have and for a business that provides a better than good life for us and our team…but mostly I felt DESIRE, a burning, soul-searching desire to make a difference! As I wrestled with all of these emotions, I knew I needed to do something. I continued my usual volunteer efforts, but all of the usual small effort serving opportunities I took part in over the following months only magnified the DESIRE to do more. There is a need in OUR community and despite my small, quick efforts I feel called to do more. I am realizing DESIRE is really just the hearts way of exposing MY responsibility to humanity. By sharing this vision, I am hoping to inspire your heart so it can become OUR responsibility.

The Primary Project is an initiative reflecting responsibility to all humanity and meshing it with beliefs I have adapted in my heart, business and life. I have come to believe through love for self and others, leading of self and others and living for self and others we can actually change lives for the better without changing the overall demographic. Sometimes a change of location is not possible or maybe even necessary, sometimes it is only unity, community and support necessary for extraordinary changes. This idea of responsibility for each other can change cultures providing a support system that leads to higher levels of respect, accountability and productivity. I have witnessed this first hand in my business culture and I believe it is the greatest resource we have to offer. It is what we do best! Thus creating the motto: LOVE, LEAD, LIVE.

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The Primary Project is a start-up movement sponsored by the amazing team at Blu A Color Salon. We are launching it’s first event on May 16, 2016. Our vision is to host the Cote Brilliante Elementary Field Day for 197 students and 40 faculty members. The idea behind the day is to form teams (support groups called P² groups) involving children from each grade level. The children will learn about the core beliefs of the Primary Project initiative through a variety of games and activities. We will begin to instill our values of strength through lifting and holding each other up. The vision for the day requires many resources, mostly donations for lunch, t-shirts, summer goodie bags, books for summer reading and some supplies for the games and activities. We can dream of having a DJ, bubble bus, ice cream truck, trophies or metals and a photographer/videographer to capture the day and maybe even a book of these pictures for the children to share with their families, a treasured memory to provide hope and represent the motto of LOVE, LEAD, LIVE. To say we have bit off more than we can chew is an understatement…we NEED your help to make this day a success. Please visit and LIKE our Facebook page The Primary Project for the most up to date information.

I must warn you, involvement in this project could drastically change your heart, vision and purpose…will you please join us in being a sponsor for the Cote Brillante Elementary School 2016 Field Day?

For information on how to get involved, please contact Nicole Gillick @

The Primary Project will be continuing its efforts with Cote Brillante Elementary during the 2016/2017 school year. It is our vision to provide activities once a month for the P² groups continuing to instill the beliefs and values of the initiative. We believe the movement will grow by involvement in other St Louis schools, thus allowing us to organize the project as a State recognized non-profit and maximizing The Primary Project’s impact.