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Virgin Application

A virgin application is when the desired hair color is one or more levels lighter or darker than your natural hair color. This service requires a total saturation of all the hair in one process.

If your hair is extremely thick or longer then shoulder length, some prices may be higher considering the extra time and extra product that may be necessary.

 Extra Color

Sometimes it takes a little bit more to get that full coverage look. This is where we would mix up a little extra color for you to help ensure full coverage for the best look.

Corrective Color

Each case for corrective color is different and unique. A full evaluation of your starting point to where you would like to be after the service will discussed with you during a consultation. Your look is important to us as is the health and integrity of your hair. A thorough consultation is done before an corrective work can be performed. Pricing for this type of service is usually done on an hourly basis. Price by consultation only!

Color Toner

After every lightening service we highly recommend a toner. Everyone lifts warm. Everyone. A toner is used to neutralized unwanted yellow or brassy tones after lifting; it also seals the hair cuticle shut. Our toners contain conditioning and repairing botanicals that will not only adjust unwanted tones, and seal the cuticle for longer lasting results, but also conditions and heals with our four pharmaceutical grade botanicals: argan oil, rice protein, aloe vera, and calendula extract.