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Balayage  has officially  become our go to service for clients wanting those sun-kissed, natural looking highlights.  The french word, meaning to sweep or to paint,  is definitely considered a specialty technique among salon professionals. Even though every where  we look, models and celebs are rocking this super- hot color, receiving a beautiful balayage service is not as easy as one would think .  It seems only a few salons are willing to  invest enough time and energy into perfecting this highly requested service. This can result in absolute disaster for those clients requesting balayage. To avoid such disaster, be sure to ask the following questions when interviewing salons offering balayage services:

How long have your stylists been offering this service?

Have your stylists been trained by certified balayage experts?

How many training sessions have your stylists attended?

At Blu, we have been training with balayage professionals for over 3 years. It has taken us a long timehighlights #balayage and many hours of practice to feel confident  offering this service to our guests. Due to the increasing popularity, we have pushed very hard to perfect and evolve our techniques. This year  we hosted  in-salon training’s in January, March, August and November with the balayage experts of L’Oreal Professionnel. We are so grateful to work along side these amazingly, talented celebrity hair stylists. Our training doesn’t stop there…on almost any given day, you can expect to see one or more of our stylists working on a mannequin to perfect their skills! Make sure your salon is offering you this same dedication to ensure the discovery of  beauty through balayage.